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Upgrade from the standard black molded IEC power cord to the Bottlehead Power Cord Kit (for 120VAC mains. Reason for selling: Moved to low impedance headphones. This is a group buy for the acclaimed Bottlehead Crack Headphone Amplifier kit + Speedball Upgrade package.

The Crack + HD650’s are a lot of $$ together. Can I get by with the E10? I see the Modi has good reviews for around $100. The Audioengine D1 Premium is also under $200.

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I don’t know about the Modi but the Fiio E10 or E7K works pretty good for the HD650. The Crack however is on a totally different level. I couldn’t just decide whether I could build it or if the stock crack would have been “good enough”. Well, speaking of the Stock version it is very enjoyable and I bought one after reading this and Tyll’s review.

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Are you planning to do a review of the Crack with the Speedball upgrade soon? As long as the voltage checks go fine, I suck with a multimeter, the speedball will be added this weekend, so I would like to say two weeks on the review.

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Detailed DIY work doesn’t become me with my big sloppy butcher’s hands. I like the sound of my PS1000 just the way they are but I don’t mind adding a bit of a warm tone to them. I am tempted to build this amp myself but I wonder the quite low impedance (32ohm) of my Grado might not suitable with Crack. I also considering ALO PAN am.

Which one is better match? I really appreciate some suggestion here. It’ll be good if you can come and test things out really. The PS1000 is not a very common headphone and so I have very little experience pairing amplifiers with it. Can some crack owner help telling the 3-dimension of the finished box? Posted on Bottlehead forum but no response. The stock 6080 tube adds another 9cm to the height. Mike, I like to build crack, but I’am green with any electonical and soldering.

Oh, what kind of lead that you used for soldering your Crack?

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Is it the same as lead for ordinary electrical PCB? If you go slow and follow directions, it isn’t that hard. If I can do it, most people should be able to manage. Soldering skills is a must have for building the crack. You mean the internal wire?

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They supplied their own solid core wire which is very good and easy to solder. Oh, I mean the copper you used to solder, Mike. I’m sorry for my previous word, my friend said “lead” instead of copper. You mean the tin? We just finished a new built using Oyaide tin and it does sound better than my first build. A bottlehead fan here, can u tell me what tube you prefer with the crack? I use speedball plus tungsram e80cc or valvo e80cc with tung sol 5998, iknow that doc prefers the mullards but i have no experience with it.

I read about the new tung sol production in Russia. Basically they bought the brand name and stick the label on their own tubes.

Are they any good? I have found this tube in particular to be excellent. It was recommended over on the bottlehead forums awhile back. With the RCA 6AS7G, I would take it over the Clear Top for sure (I have a clear top, as well). I prefer STOCK tubes by far. So much I like the Stock tubes that when the stock tube broke I tried really hard to pry it from another Crack owner’s hands but they won’t sell me. Eventually I got another stock tube from Bottlehead. And I’ve tried LOTS of different tubes with the crack.

None of them has the bass and the soundstage depth the stock tube has. Is it just me, because I noticed noise even when there’s no music playing with the stock driver. I don’t even know what my stock tubes are, all the markings gone on my stock tubes. Castile beyerdynamic 770,880,990,T1 etc) mai bun decat multe amplificatoare dublu ca pret.

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Bottlehead Crack: OTL Addiction Headfonia L-am comandat din US, kit-ul standard + upgrade Speedball. I’m planning to purchase this or the S. However, I don’t have any soldering experience.

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Can you provide me other pre-built desktop amp that has the same performance/sound signature of the OTL crack even if it is more expensive? Can you give short summary for the devices and source used to build Crack? I mean if you tried different variants, and one is definitely better than others. Just have to wait till it arrives to Germany. Here I have one more small question: if compare T90 and HD700 with Bottlehead Crack as amp, who would win?

I dont think there is a better. They both perform exceptionally good with the Crack. What Fiio device would result is the best combo for HD700 + CRACK Bottlehead, basically fulfilling the function of a DAC? You better just be a DAC or ideally buy a Amp / DAC to also fulfill the function of portable amp? Lieven, I see you recommend this amp to the HD 600/650s very greatly. When you talk about the crack, do you mean with or without the speedball upgrade? Since the writing of this review have you had the chance to try out the upgrade out? This is without Speedball, I don’t have any plans to make it sound faster or cleaner or.

Have you tested with difficult to drive headphones? There really is no mention that this has an amp built-in? I believe the ones you compare too all can. The Cayin amp sounds warmer and has more body. It's a really romantic sounding, smooth tube amp. Unfortunately with a higher noise floor as well. Hi, I see in a picture the new Cayin headphone amp.

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Hi Alfred, the differences in sound are described in the L6 review, you can find it here://www. Com/review-luxury-precision-l6/ Enjoy. HI Lieven I don't have L&P L6 but I had tried SP1000 and it sounds much rich compare AK 380. We can't have everything at hand at all times. I've never tried the X7 mk2, so I just included the X7 so that people can have some idea. Why did you use the discontinued FiiO X7 as a comparison?

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Well, they're both excellent, can't go wrong with either. The Lakepeople has the advantage of the gain setting on the back. It drives the HD600 strong, clean, and accurate through the direct output. Welcome to another episode of Deckhand Davy” I think Davy’s Video reviews tackles some angles that we don’t get with text-based reviews. Have you tested with difficult to drive headphones?

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There really is no mention that this has an amp built-in? I believe the ones you compare too all can.

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The Cayin amp sounds warmer and has more body. It's a really romantic sounding, smooth tube amp. Unfortunately with a higher noise floor as well. Hi, I see in a picture the new Cayin headphone amp. Our Website uses cookies to improve your experience. Please visit our page for more information about cookies and how we use them. Is a Washington based HIFI manufacturer specializing in low cost, super high quality DIY kits, complete with everything you need including the case -you have to build that yourself- and home to a very active and enthusiastic of DIYers and modders.